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Start off the review block by completing these two worksheets

english ii eoc poetry analysis in songs



EOC Test Question Stems-These are the questions you can expect to see!

EOC Question STEMSEng II EOC stems

EOC Constructed Responses Information

English II EOC Short Constructed Responses and Rubrics

1. There will be 3-5 short Constructed Responses on the EOC.
2. They are worth anywhere from 25-36% of your overall EOC Grade.
3. Half of the points you will receive will be for the content of your answer.
4. The other half of the points you will receive are language (correct grammar) points. You MUST check for errors (capitalization, punctuation, spelling, grammar, usage, etc.)
5. Even though the directions will state that you can use bullet points, I strongly recommend that you use complete sentences to avoid errors.
6. Use complete sentences when answering the constructed responses and address both items. For example, if the question asks how the author’s use of rhetorical devices enhances the theme, you need to state what the theme is AND provide specific examples (2!) from the text of rhetorical devices that enhance the theme. Do not simply say, “He uses similes to…” Specifically reference the simile used using quoted material from the text. You MUST include textual evidence to receive credit. Check for mistakes (capitalization, punctuation, subject/verb agreement, correct usage, etc).

7. Use the ACE Model
ACE the Constructed Response-
-Address the question by restating the prompt and making a claim (Be a Momma bird and regurgitate the prompt; use the words and phrases provided in the prompt to make a claim).
-Cite evidence from the text (provide 2 strong examples from the text that support your analysis)
-Explain how the text evidence supports your answer. (Provide 2 examples of evidence; I recommend using “Peanut Butter/Jelly approach.” Address the topic, Cite 1st evidence (using specific terms and quotes from text), elaborate how that evidence ties into your claim (Peanut Butter). Cite 2nd evidence (using specific terms and quotes from text), elaborate how this evidence ties into your claim (Jelly).

8. Remember “language” and “rhetorical devices” include everything you have ever learned about in your English classes (Figurative Language Devices: similes, metaphors, personification, hyperbole, etc. Sound Devices: alliteration, consonance, assonance, onomatopoeia, rhyme, slant rhyme, etc. Structure: stanzas, lines, use of detail, repetition, parallelism, chronological order, flashback, foreshadowing, etc. Diction: connotation, denotation)
9. Your answer does not need to be an essay. However, it will most likely be 4-6 lines in length.
10. You MUST cite/provide evidence from the text (provide 2!) to support your answer.
11. Do not rush when typing your Constructed Responses. Although there are only 3-4, they are a significant percentage of the overall grade of the exam.
12. Constructed Response Score Breakdown (Fall 2016): CR was the Lowest percentage of Goals Tested (Language, Reading for Literature, Reading for Information, and Constructed Response)
• 12 of 67 students (18%) scored a 100%
• 20 of 67 (30%) scored an 83%
• 14 of 67 (21%) scored a 67%
• 7 of 67 (10%)scored a 50%
• 8 (12%) scored a 33%
• 4 (6%) scored a 17%
• 2 (3%) scored 0%

Important information about written responses (source: Hope Lung and Dan Auman): The short constructed response items on the English II EOC assessment require a brief response of approximately 3-4 sentences. Although the text box offers additional space to type a short answer response, scorers only review for the specific criteria as stated in the question. Additional information not required in the answer does not increase the student’s score. Short constructed responses are not scored for elaboration, support, or detail. Students should not write an essay for short constructed response items, and they must not be led to believe longer responses may receive higher scores. The key is to answer the question with the specified supporting evidence.

EOC Terms to study! Everyone!

Poetry Terms

End of Course Exam terms

English I May 18 and May 19

Please start class with taking a practice test on School Net. The code is DU9GE2H, and you have 75 minutes.

A4- I will post the answers to your comprehensions questions in just a few hours. Please make sure you turn them in to me before 9:15 so you can receive credit.

Once you are done you may review with a partner with this game.

B3-Once you are done please read the attached piece of Mythology. Answer the questions at the end please!

Have a great day! I will miss you guys! I expect a perfect report!

Kind regards,


English II Classes: A2 on May 18, B2 and B4 on May 19th

Hello all,

Please start out the class by taking a practice test on School Net. This is for a grade. You will have 60 minutes to complete 27 questions. Test Code is DA6DY8H. Here is what you need to do after your practice test:

A2: You guys need to pick up on your reading from where you left off. Cheyanne, Jahova, Lily-Will you guys read aloud for me please? If you do volunteer to read you will be rewarded. 🙂 Make sure you have shared your questions with me! I need those ASAP!

B2: You guys need to be working on your Book Thief Comprehension Questions. The whole set will be due next Thursday.

B4: Complete Book Thief comprehension questions. They are on a previous post when you scroll down. I will be collecting these next Thursday.

Thank you guys for your cooperation. I expect excellent reports from all of your classes. Please be on your best behavior and please be kind and respectful to the substitute. I will miss you all!

Kind regards,


A4 Beginning of Class work

Grab a Chromebook. Login to School Net. You will take another test for test prep. Online code is GU9JA9HE. You have 17 questions and 35 minutes.

Once you are done you need to be working on your Monster questions. These will be due at the end of class TODAY!

A2 Work on 5/12

Grab a Chromebook. Login to School Net. You will take another test for test prep. Online code is GU9JA9HE. You have 17 questions and 35 minutes.(Please return Chromebooks to my classroom after the block. That means putting them in the correct cubby hole and hooking up the charger.

Next you need to continue working on your Book Thief comprehension questions. Below you will find parts 4-8.You will need to answer these questions THROUGH PART 6. This will be due next class. (Some of you still owe me Parts 1-3, so you need to get that to me ASAP!)

Please be on your best behavior. I expect an excellent report from all of the teachers. Love you guys!

P.S. Come support our Hispanic Honor Society and Ms. Santiago at Latino Night tonight! I’ll be there so come see me!

Part 4:
59.) Who teaches Hans how to play the accordion?
60.) Who saves Hans life and how does he save his life?
61.) How does Hans come into the possession of his accordion? What does he promise in return?
62.) Does Hans want to join the Nazi party? Why does he apply to join?
63.) Why is Hans denied entry into the Nazi party (meaning put on a waiting list)?
64.) How is Hans life again saved by Erik via his accordion? (even after Erick’s death)
65.) Why does Max arrive in the kitchen of the Hubermans’?
66.) What does Hans mean when he tells Max not to worry because Liesel is a “good girl”?
67.) Max loved nothing more than what?
68.) Why did the urge to fight “leave” Max and Walter at the age of 17?
69.) On the Night of Broken Glass, who shows up at Max’s door? Why?
70.) How are Liesel and Max alike?
71.) How do Liesel and Max first “officially” meet?
72.) Where does Max move to live?
73.) What book is Max reading?
74.) Why does Max feel “guilty?”
75.) What book has Liesel started reading in “The Swapping of Nightmares” and where does she obtain this book?
76.) Why do the Huberman’s start having Max sleep upstairs instead of in the basement? What does this say about them?
77.) Liesel says Max’s hair is like what?
78.) What do Liesel and Max have in common?
79.) What does Liesel receive on her 12th birthday?
80.) At the beginning of “Pages from the Basement,” why do the Hubermans keep Liesel out of the basement?
81.) What is the “Standover Man?” Why this title? What is the significance?
Part 5:
82.) What will happen to Rudy? How do we know and what is Death’s reaction?
83.) What does Max ask the Hubermans to do for him? Who ends up doing it?
84.) Find a simile on page 251. Describe it.
85.) Max daydreams about boxing. Who does he daydream about boxing with? Why this person?
86.) The Hubermans, Liesel and Max work on painting the rest of the pages from Mein Kampf os they can make another book called what?
87.) In “The Gamblers ( a seven-sided die),” Death compares hiding a Jew to gambling, rolling a dice, which is made up of 7 sides, he then uses this metaphor to describe the seven main events in this chapter. What is the last main event that causes Liesel to fear Rosa Huberman when she returns home? What is Liesel’s reaction to this news?
88.) Why do Rudy and Tommy have to run laps after the marching at the Hitler Youth?
89.) Who is Victor Chemmel? How is he different from Arthur?
90.) How do Liesel and Rudy feel about Victor? How do we know?
91.) Why does Liesel choose the mayor’s house to steal from?
92.) What does Liesel steal and what does Liesel leave behind?
93.) What are the three acts of stupidity by Rudy Steiner?
94.) What act of kindness does Rudy do for Liesel at the end of this part? Why?
Part 6:
95.) In “Death’s Diary,” we get Death’s views on war. What are his thoughts on war (whose fault?) and what metaphor does he employ toward the end of this section?
96.) What does Liesel bring down to Max on Christmas Eve?
97.) What happens to Max in “The Snowman?”
98.) Why does Liesel find “gifts” for Max? What is the first “gift” she finds?
99.) Liesel wants to give Max a cloud and she asks, “How do you give someone a piece of sky?” Hans suggests she memorize it and write it down. What theme is seen here? How do you know?
100.) What is Liesel doing here, “It didn’t stop her from pulling a lump of salt water from her eye and feeding it to Max’s face.”
101.) What is the next book Liesel steals from the mayor’s house?
102.) Does the mayor’s wife know Liesel is stealing books? How do you know this?
103.) Why does Rosa come to Liesel’s school? Why does she act angry with her?
104.) At the beginning of “Death’s Diary: Cologne,” what is complaining about?
105.) Why do the Nazis come looking in people’s basement? What are they looking for?
106.) Why does Liesel act like she hurts herself playing soccer?
107.) What does Death mean that “the sky was the color of Jews?”
108.) What is Death’s reaction to death? How do you know? Offer at least one quote for support.
Part 7:
109.) Why was Hans painting business gaining so much new business?
110.) Liesel tastes what for the first time? Why does she say she will never drink this again?
111.) At the Hitler Youth Carnvial, Rudy wins 3 of his 4 races and later admits to Liesel that he lost his 4th one on purpose. Why?
112.) What is the name of the next book that Liesel steals from the Mayor’s house? (This time without Rudy)
113.) When Liesel and Rudy return to the Mayor’s house the next time, together, what do they notice sitting in the window this time?
114.) Does the Mayor’s wife know Liesel is stealing books? How do you know?
115.) There is a letter in one of the books she takes from the window- who is the letter from and what does it say? What is Liesel’s reaction?
116.) What is going on in this scene, “Night watched. Some people watched it back, trying to find the tin-can planes as they drove across the sky.” What literary devices are employed here?
117.) What does Max do for the first time in 22 months?
118.) Why do they say Liesel’s books are her “accordion?”
119.) Who is the “sky stealer?” Why this name?
120.) Why does Frau Holtzapfel come to the Huberman’s house?
121.) Where are the Jews going in the “parade of Jews?”
122.) What does Hans do at the parade of Jews that gets him whipped? What does this say about Hans?
123.) Why does Max leave Himmel Street? Where is he going and why?
124.) What is the “arrangement” made?
125.) Hans returns from the Amper river with a note- what is this note and who is it from?
126.) Guilt plays a major role in this section, especially toward the end. What are some examples of guilt felt by the characters? How does their guilt affect the progression of the plot?
127.) At the end of section 7, two men in coats come to Himmel Street- who do they want to see?

Monster Discussion Questions B3

1. Steve Harmon’s defense attorney, Kathy O’Brien says she wants to make her client look like “a human being in the eyes of the jury” (p. 16) in contrast to the “monsters” who the assistant district attorney claims are “willing to steal and to kill, people who disregard the right of others” (p.21). Why do you think Walter Dean Myers named his book Monster?
2. Can you name a few of the novel’s scenes with Steve’s friends and family that work to show him as more human than monster?
3. Monster is a novel written in a screenplay format with Steve’s journal entries mixed in throughout. Do you think this is an effective format for the book? Why or why not?
4. On page 82, Osvaldo Cruz says to Steve, “You ain’t got the heart to be nothing but a lame.” He also testifies in court that to be in his gang, the Deablos, you have to cut someone’s face to “show you got the heart” (p. 107-108). What does “having the heart” mean in the context of Osvaldo’s world? Is it a good thing or a bad thing that Steve is accused of not having it? Do you think Steve wishes he had it?
5. In Steve’s film workshop at Stuyvesant High School, his instructor Mr. Sawicki compares viewers of a film to a jury: “If you make your film predictable, they’ll make up their minds about it long before it’s over” (p. 19). Did you make up your mind about Steve’s guilt or innocence before the book was over? Did you ever change your mind…or start to wonder? If so, when?
6. On page 224, O’Brien asks Steve if he was in the drugstore on December 22, the day of the robbery. He says no. But on page 140, Steve writes in his journal the he “walked into a drugstore to look for some mints, and then I walked out.” Does that mean he lied under oath? Does this make you question Steve’s innocence?
7. On page 260, prosecutor Sandra Petrocelli says, “They are all equally guilty. The one who grabbed the cigarettes, the one who wrestled for the gun, the one who checked the place to see if the coast was clear.” Do you agree with that? In your opinion, is it as bad to be a conspirator in a crime as it is to commit the actual crime? Why or why not?
Summer Reading Assignment 2
8. Why do you think the author feeds the reader pieces of information bit by bit, leaving Steve’s story to unfold slowly?
9. Mr. Sawicki speaks highly of Steve, saying his film footage “speaks of a very deep character” (p. 236). Steve writes on page 93, “I know that in my heart I am not a bad person.” What do you think of Steve’s character based on his journal and the way he records the courtroom drama? What mistakes do you think he made, if any? How do you think his perspective on life changes after his arrest?
10. Steve’s only hope in the trial is that the jury will see him differently than his peers. Does his attorney see him differently from James King, Bobo, and Osvaldo? Why does she refuse to hug him after he is acquitted? How is he different? Is he at all the same?
11. When you read O’Brien’s final argument-and then Petrocelli’s final argument-both sides of Steve’s case become clear. Would you have acquitted Steve if you were a juror in this trial?

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