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English I TKAM Vocab



English I Pre-Reading Research Activity

Rewrite scottsboro trials

Group 1: On your own piece of paper answer the following questions:
Have you heard of the Jim Crow laws? (Yes/No) If yes, what do you know about them?

Read the article here outlining Jim Crow Laws.
Write a one-pager reflecting on what you read in the article. Was there any new information that was presented to you here? What are your thoughts and feelings about the reading?

Group 2: In the link below, select a person with audio and listen to their story.

a. Write a summary about the article.

Who is the person you read about?

What did they do?

Group 3: In the link below, open the document on The Scottsboro Trials

a. I will assign part of the trial for you to read.

b. Read the assigned part and summarize in your document.

c. Be prepared to talk about the trial in class and present your findings orally to the class.

Group 4: In the link below,

a. Take some time and look through the photos from The Great Depression.

b. Get an idea of what life was like during this time period.

c. Choose three pictures that interest you and place them into your document.

d. Write a brief summary about how the pictures make you feel.

How do you think people lived during that time period?

Harrison Bergeron PDF

harrison bergeron pdf


Mid Term Prep Jan 8th and Mid Term Prep Jan 8th Optional (COPY)

Some of you have expressed that you are receiving an error when trying to log in to these tests. I have made duplicate copies of the test preps, so make sure you use these new codes to access the test.

Mid Term Prep Jan 8 (COPY)=TA7DE5MA

2018 English II Midterm Prep Optional Jan 8 (Copy)=DY3NE9JU

Remember to make sure your pop-up blockers are turned OFF!

LOTF Chapter 9-12 Vocab and Open Note Take Home Quiz

Honors English II students,

Many of you failed to turn in your Chapters 9-12 Vocab and the Open Note Take Home Quiz the last days before break. Attached you will find another copy. If we have another snow day tomorrow you need to email me your work, take a picture of it, or find a dove you can attach it to and send it to me. If you live in the Plaza Midwood area, you can also drop off your work this evening (Wednesday night) at my other job, Pure Pizza on Central Ave. I will be in around 6PM. Please remember that I am only one person, so if you turned in anything late, OR IF YOU TURNED IT IN TO THE TRAY WHEN I TOLD YOU TO HAND IT TO ME, there will be a delay in me grading it and updating PowerSchool.

English I Warmups: You can turn in at your earliest convenience but final due date is Jan 18th.

1) Nov 2- Grammar work in book. (1-20)

2)Nov 11-If you could have your own three wishes granted from a magical goldfish, what would they be and why? (Relate answers to “What of this goldfish?” story.)

3)Nov 15-Warmup: Log in to and analyze your data. I want you to write down your category strengths and weaknesses. What did you find most difficult in your diagnostic? What did you not know or what did you forget?

4)Nov 21-What are you thankful for? (Thanksgiving Warmup) (1/2 page)

5)Nov 28-In a test of survival, what traits enable a person to succeed? Discuss the qualities and abilities that a person would need to meet a test of survival.
(1/2 page reflection)

6)Dec 4-What is the tone of “The Most Dangerous Game?” What are other literary elements present? Pull text to support. (You should have at least three elements. (1/2 page)

7)Dec 6-Crate a plot diagram for “The Most Dangerous Game”

8)Dec 18-“The Rights to the Streets of Memphis” Write a half page reflection on your reading. What themes are present that we currently see in our society today?

9)Jan 3-Write a 1/2 page creative piece. Include big money words in your writing.

10)Jan 5-“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.” – Mark Twain Respond to the quote. Do you agree/disagree? Explain. Relate to your life.

Retakes, late work, housekeeping notes

Hello students,

If you are interested in retaking your LOTF test, you need to reach out to me by Friday Jan 12 to schedule a time.

Late work: If you have late work and/or extremely late “makeup” work please note that those assignments go to the bottom of pile of things to grade. Some assignments are turned in months late, so assignments that are turned in on time as well as new assignments (turned in on time) take precedence.

LOTF Projects: You have had over a month to work on/complete these assignments. I MUST HAVE THESE BY JAN 12th. Anything turned in after the 12th can only score a MAXIMUM GRADE of 50%.

Please be respectful of my time and my willingness to help.

Kind regards,

Ms. Strahan

A2 English I LOTF Review Questions-DO ALL!


You can scroll down the page to check out the PowerPoint and may use that for studying as well. PLEASE be on your best behavior. Make me proud.

Kind regards,

Ms. Strahan

Midterm Test Prep for English I and English II

Preps 1 and 2 are mandatory and will be taken for an informal (right/wrong) grade. Optional test scores can be used to replace lowest quiz score or lowest homework score, but must be brought to me to change. Due dates are dependent upon A day/B day schedule. Prep 1 is due for B day classes by Wednesday, Jan 10th (before you come to class). Prep 1 is due for A day classes by Thursday, Jan 11th (before you come to class).

English I:
(Prep 1):KA6TU2
(Prep 2):WE4TA6WU
(Optional): MY8JY9CE5

English II:
(Prep 1): PA6ZU2GY2
(Prep 2):BA3GU4
(Optional): NA4ZE8

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