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Reminder for all classes!

Hello students,

Just a quick reminder that I will be at school at 7:40 every day until winter break. If you have any quizzes that you need to make up with me, now is the time to make them up. If you have any late work, please submit it to me before break so you may receive late work credit (up to a 70%).

Honors English II students-If you plan to be out for the LOTF unit test and/or Socratic Seminar part II, please be sure to reach out to me so you can make those FORMAL ASSESSMENTS up before break. Remember that your formal assessments make up 70% of your grade, so it is imperative that you have those completed before break so your grade will be an accurate reflection of your work.

I appreciate and value your hard work.

Kind regards,

Ms. Strahan


LOTF Resources to study


LoF Study Guide Questions

“The Most Dangerous Game” informational text comparison 12/8 English I

After reading the following articles – Discuss the following:

Has the opinion of war games that you had, or that you formed while reading the story, “The Most Dangerous Game” changed?…..after reading the following article printed below and the articles linked below?

WRITE an essay to discuss your opinion about war games, online gaming, video game addiction, paintball, nerf, airsoft, even violent hits in football, etc. You should include your answers from the questions posed above, including those focusing on “The Most Dangerous Game.”

The paper should be typed, proofread, in Times New Roman 12 point font, double spaced, and at least two pages in length. Remember to pull textual evidence to support your thoughts.

The First Article:
Games People Probably Shouldn’t Play
According to the company that started the trend, some 18,000 people in hundreds of different weekend groups in the US and Canada pay $30 – $50, or more per person to take part in an outdoor “game” that you might consider carefully —very carefully—before anyone in your family joins in. Called by such names as “Skirmish,” “The War Game,” and “Survival” (It was originated by National Survival Games of New London, N.H.), the game has two teams of players completing in a woodland setting to capture each others flag. But to reach the flag, players, “kill” their rivals — by shooting them with realistic pistols that fire gelatin pellets filled with red dye.
The game is supposedly safe — players wear goggles – but reports of eye damage have rival companies arguing over whose guns are less likely to cause injury. It’s also said to be wholesome fun, according to some 400-500 franchised dealers who rent guns to use on playing fields across the country (and in West Germany, Britain and Japan, says Toronto-based Adventure Game of American).
But Georgia Lanoil, a psychologist on the board of the Journal of Preventive Psychiatry, disputes claims that playing provides a harmless release for pent-up aggressions. A conclusion drawn from studies on anger, she says, is that hostile behavior often is a rehearsal for future action. “It’s one step beyond viewing violent films, and isn’t like football, where you try to get past your opponent to the goal. Here the goal is annihilation.”
Adds Dr. Robert London, director of short-term psychotherapy at New York University Medical Center-Bellevue: “Why anyone would get high on people-hunting and simulated murder is something they should discuss with their therapist.”

“The Most Dangerous Game” In Class Activity 12/4 English I

Read this paragraph, some of the words from the original text have been replaced with words that are less effective, more bland, overused, or boring. For each underlined word or phrase, come up with two possible replacements – choose words or phrases that are more expressive and paint a more vivid picture in the reader’s mind.

“It’s rather unknown
“What island is it?” Rainsford asked.
“The old charts call it ‘Ship-Trap Island,’” Whitney replied. “A
descriptive name, isn’t it? Sailors have a
strange fear of the place. I don’t know why. Some superstition—“
“Can’t see it,” remarked Rainsford, trying to look through the dank tropical night you could almost touch as it pressed its thick warm blackness in upon the yacht.

The Most Dangerous Game-Honors English I

dangerous game questions

the most dangerous_game

Nov 28 A Day Classwork/ Homework

Hello all,

I’m so sorry I can’t make it in tomorrow. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE be on your best behavior. I will be less than thrilled to return to a bad report. I don’t expect that, so make me proud. I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I have missed you all, and can’t wait to see you on Thursday. Have a great day and please be productive!

Kind regards,

Ms. Strahan


Warm-Up: In a test of survival, what traits enable a person to succeed? Discuss the qualities and abilities that a person would need to meet the test of survival.

Read “Meet the author” on page 59 of your textbook. (Textbooks are by my door, be sure to grab one.)
Read “The Most Dangerous Game” on pages 60-80. Answer questions 1-7, 9, 10 on a separate sheet of paper. What you don’t finish you will need to take as homework. (I will upload the story and questions after the school day.)


Warm-Up: Why do you think the author uses so much descriptive detail for the setting? Is there a purpose? If so, what do you think that purpose is? What types of feeling(s) does the author evoke in you (the reader) through the build up of the setting? What predictions can you make from Chapter 1 and the beginning of Chapter 2? (1/2 page response)

Finish reading Chapter 2 as a class. Caesar can start off the class from where you guys left off, and will pop other readers. Once you are done you need to answer questions from Chapters 1-2 (on your own). What you don’t finish in class you need to finish as homework. If time permits, you need to read Chapter 3 individually.

Lord of the Flies – Study Guide and Discussion Questions
1. Describe the circumstances surrounding the boys arriving on the island. How did the boys end up there, and
what was the political climate at the time?
2. Describe the tone and the mood at the beginning of the novel. Find specific passages to support your
3. Describe the character of Ralph. What details of his personality traits and physical description stand out to
the reader?
4. Describe the character of Piggy. How does his nickname and physical description potentially move the plot
early in the novel?
5. Examine the potential symbolism of the conch shell. What could the shell symbolize? Be specific in your
6. Describe the character of Jack. How does his arrival mark a change in the plot?
7. How is Jack elected the leader of the boys? Examine this idea carefully and explain the political system the
boys have elected to use.
8. Discuss the ideas of civility and barbarianism that exist in the first chapter of the novel.
1. What rules and regulations have the boys established at the beginning of Chapter 2? How does this play into
the overall theme of the story to this point?
2. Piggy is fearful in this section of the book. Describe the fears that Piggy brings up and examine how this
plays into the story.
3. Analyze the details surrounding the younger boy going missing. How do the boys react to this development?
4. How has the idea of civilization shifted from Chapter 1 to Chapter 2?
5. Who is the protagonist here? Antagonist? Why?
1. What is Jack doing at the beginning of this chapter? How does this play into his characterization and the
overall theme of the story? Ironically, what is Ralph doing at the same time? Elaborate.
2. What tone is being created in this section of the novel? What division is being created between the boys?
3. Where does Simon end up at the end of the chapter? How is this part of the island described? Why do you
think this description is being offered here?
4. Examine the personal conflict between Ralph and Jack in this chapter. How could this conflict foreshadow
the rest of the book?
5. Discuss the idea of “human purpose” as seen by the two main characters here. How does Jack view
humanity? Ralph?


Warm-Up: Write a one page summary on Chapters 6-8. (Take no longer than 20 minutes. This will help you review for your quiz.)

Take the quiz on Chapters 6-8.

Get in your groups for Chapter 5 annotations group work. You will need to collaborate with one another on which annotations you will transfer to the big poster version of the work. These will be rolled up on my desk. (These will be free of annotations so do not grab another class’ work.)

Mentor Sign Up


All classes should have completed the “” diagnostic. Here are the details if you were out:

Head to You will need to sign up (preferably using your school ID and email) then use the code _________ to sign up for our class. You may then pick your preferences for your questions. (Do not spend more than 5 minutes selecting your preferences.) You then need to head to your assignments and begin the your diagnostic.

A1 Class code: super wind 94
A2 Class code: honest cat 31
A4 Class Code: soft iron 32

B1 Class Code: narrow branch 18
B3 Class Code: super wire 75
B4 Class Code: nice tree 99

English I-“What of this Goldfish?” Homework 11/13

what of this goldfish worksheets

Only complete the first page! Make sure you write inferences under the details and under the wishes.

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