English II EOC Short Constructed Responses and Rubrics

1. There will be 3-5 short Constructed Responses on the EOC.
2. They are worth anywhere from 25-36% of your overall EOC Grade.
3. Half of the points you will receive will be for the content of your answer.
4. The other half of the points you will receive are language (correct grammar) points. You MUST check for errors (capitalization, punctuation, spelling, grammar, usage, etc.)
5. Even though the directions will state that you can use bullet points, I strongly recommend that you use complete sentences to avoid errors.
6. Use complete sentences when answering the constructed responses and address both items. For example, if the question asks how the author’s use of rhetorical devices enhances the theme, you need to state what the theme is AND provide specific examples (2!) from the text of rhetorical devices that enhance the theme. Do not simply say, “He uses similes to…” Specifically reference the simile used using quoted material from the text. You MUST include textual evidence to receive credit. Check for mistakes (capitalization, punctuation, subject/verb agreement, correct usage, etc).

7. Use the ACE Model
ACE the Constructed Response-
-Address the question by restating the prompt and making a claim (Be a Momma bird and regurgitate the prompt; use the words and phrases provided in the prompt to make a claim).
-Cite evidence from the text (provide 2 strong examples from the text that support your analysis)
-Explain how the text evidence supports your answer. (Provide 2 examples of evidence; I recommend using “Peanut Butter/Jelly approach.” Address the topic, Cite 1st evidence (using specific terms and quotes from text), elaborate how that evidence ties into your claim (Peanut Butter). Cite 2nd evidence (using specific terms and quotes from text), elaborate how this evidence ties into your claim (Jelly).

8. Remember “language” and “rhetorical devices” include everything you have ever learned about in your English classes (Figurative Language Devices: similes, metaphors, personification, hyperbole, etc. Sound Devices: alliteration, consonance, assonance, onomatopoeia, rhyme, slant rhyme, etc. Structure: stanzas, lines, use of detail, repetition, parallelism, chronological order, flashback, foreshadowing, etc. Diction: connotation, denotation)
9. Your answer does not need to be an essay. However, it will most likely be 4-6 lines in length.
10. You MUST cite/provide evidence from the text (provide 2!) to support your answer.
11. Do not rush when typing your Constructed Responses. Although there are only 3-4, they are a significant percentage of the overall grade of the exam.
12. Constructed Response Score Breakdown (Fall 2016): CR was the Lowest percentage of Goals Tested (Language, Reading for Literature, Reading for Information, and Constructed Response)
• 12 of 67 students (18%) scored a 100%
• 20 of 67 (30%) scored an 83%
• 14 of 67 (21%) scored a 67%
• 7 of 67 (10%)scored a 50%
• 8 (12%) scored a 33%
• 4 (6%) scored a 17%
• 2 (3%) scored 0%

Important information about written responses (source: Hope Lung and Dan Auman): The short constructed response items on the English II EOC assessment require a brief response of approximately 3-4 sentences. Although the text box offers additional space to type a short answer response, scorers only review for the specific criteria as stated in the question. Additional information not required in the answer does not increase the student’s score. Short constructed responses are not scored for elaboration, support, or detail. Students should not write an essay for short constructed response items, and they must not be led to believe longer responses may receive higher scores. The key is to answer the question with the specified supporting evidence.