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December 2016

Benchmark-Everyone must TAKE! K thanks.

You may only highlight on the document. All notes need to be taken down on paper. Answers will need to be filled in on scantron. r-2-benchmark


Harrison Bergeron Full Text, Cornell Notes, Comparison to Film “Logan’s Run”



Harrison Bergeron is a short story about a society in which the government tries to make every person is equal. To make it this way, the government forces the people to wear handicaps so that no one can be more beautiful, athletic, etc. than anyone else. Harrison wants to break his literal chains.
Logan’s Run is a film about a society whose strict government wants to regulate population in order to preserve the earth’s resources. In order to do this, every person must report to the Sleepshop to be executed. Those who do not turn themselves in are called “Runners”, and it is Logan’s job to find them.

After reading the short story, students will start watching “Logan’s Run” to compare/contrast with “Harrison Bergeron.”

Make sure you are taking notes following the Cornell Note Taking template I have provided. Here are things to consider while taking notes:

• compare and contrast the similar ideas behind each text
• discuss the issues of equality, conformity, and governmental control
• describe how each society is both a utopia and a dystopia
• make text-to-text, text-to-self, and text-to-world connections

Agenda for December 16th Honors English I

Warm-Up (15 minutes):

Define “race.”

Define “ethnicity.”

What is socioeconomic status?

How do these affect characters we have read about in the book so far? How do these affect people in our society today?

(3/4 of a page response)

Start working on the next chapter vocab sentences. You will work on these until lunch.

Once you return from lunch, you need to login to Castle Learning to take your Chapter 3 and 4 quiz.

After you are done with your quiz you need to read through Chapter 7 (ON YOUR OWN). This will be your homework. I will give you time in class next week to finish up vocab sentences.

Be prepared for a quiz on content through Chapter 7 on Tuesday.

Have a great day, everyone! I will miss you guys! I expect a perfect report on your behavior from the sub!

Agenda for December 16th Classes Honors English II

B2 and B4- Honors English II:

Warm-Up= 15 minutes (Answer attached Pre-reading questions) harrison-bergeron-2-page-pre-reading-questions

Get English 10 Literature books off of counters. You will need them to begin your reading. Before you begin reading, please answer “Pre-Reading Questions.” Follow along these directions as you are reading.


(On your own paper)
Define equality. In your definition, include an example of when equality is a good thing and an example of when it is a bad thing. Finally, add if you think, overall, it is a good thing or a bad thing.

Pretend the year is 2081. What will society look like? Brainstorm and list five features of life in 2081.

Stop Location
Annotation Prompt
Bottom of page 1
What do you think the story will be about? Predict what will happen in the story based on what you’ve read on the first page.
Page 3

Describe the Exposition.

Page 4

Describe the society in which Hazel and George live. List two traits and find two quotes from the text to support your answer.

Page 4

Give the characterization of Harrison Bergeron.
Page 5

Explain what Harrison is rebelling against.

Page 7

Why does Diana Moon Glampers respond to the Emperor and Empress the way she did? What is she protecting?
Bottom of Page

Identify the Rising Action, Climax, Falling Action and Resolution of the story on a plot map.

Complete the character pyramid for Harrison Bergeron:

Character’s Name
2 Ideas that Harrison Rebelled Against
3 Things Harrison Cares About
4 Words that Describe the Society Where Harrison Lives
5 Words to Describe Harrison

4. Do you believe in the statement: “The world would be a better place if everyone were equal?” Why or why not? Use examples from the story and your own experiences to support and explain your answer. Your response should be in RACE ACES format an have two examples/quotes from the story.

*Check my MLA checklist post that will be posted this afternoon. You should do a run through of the checklist on your paper before you submit your final draft next week. YOU MUST HAVE A PRINTED OFF COPY WHEN YOU COME TO CLASS! Have a great day! I’ll miss you guys!

Essay Rubrics for LOTF Essay


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