NWSA English II

Ms. Strahan's English II Class


November 2016

Introductory Paragraph Checklist and Rubric




English I-To Kill a Mockingbird Vocab

Create two sentences for each vocab term.

English II Thesis Statement Practice

Lord of the Flies Essay Topics


Warm-Ups for Nov 16

2A Quickwrite: So…the kids’ plane was shot down; the parachutist’s plane was shot down; and a navy cutter vessel show up on the shore. How is the World War a mirror of the chaos the boys go through on the island?


Answer questions 1-3 only

English II LOTF Character Confessional/ Mixtape Assignment


English I- To Kill A Mockingbird Pre-Reading Activities

Group 1: On your own piece of paper answer the following questions:
Have you heard of the Jim Crow laws? (Yes/No) If yes, what do you know about them?

Read the article here outlining Jim Crow Laws.
Write a one-pager reflecting on what you read in the article. Was there any new information that was presented to you here? What are your thoughts and feelings about the reading?

Group 2: In the link below, select a person with audio and listen to their story.

a. Write a summary about the article.

Who is the person you read about?

What did they do?

Group 3: In the link below, open the document on The Scottsboro Trials

a. I will assign part of the trial for you to read.

b. Read the assigned part and summarize in your document.

c. Be prepared to talk about the trial in class and present your findings orally to the class.

Group 4: In the link below,

a. Take some time and look through the photos from The Great Depression.

b. Get an idea of what life was like during this time period.

c. Choose three pictures that interest you and place them into your document.

d. Write a brief summary about how the pictures make you feel.

How do you think people lived during that time period?

Digital Citizenship stufffffff (HIGH SCHOOL).

2nd block: Read this article and annotate. apps-of-hate

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