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April 2015

Julius Caesar Worksheets (End of Act I-Beginning of Act III)

Julius Caesar – Post Reading Socratic Seminar Act II-1

Julius Caesar Act I through Act III Worksheets


B1 and A2 Homework due Monday April 27th and Tuesday April 28th

Reflect on the fire imagery from page 1254 through the end of Act Three. Explain how Shakespeare uses fire to create both positive and negative images. (For example, how is the people’s talk of burning Caesar’s body different from their talk of burning the conspirator’s houses?)

Julius Caesar-Full text with No Fear Shakespeare explanations

Bell Ringer 5D

#2 on page 1257. Here the students will discuss the disagreement Brutus and Cassius in regards to the plans for Caesar’s funeral.

Bell Ringers 3D and 4D:

Read Obama’s 2009 Inaugural address and answer the questions provided.




Bell Ringers 1D and 2D:

1D: When Shakespeare wrote Julius Caesar, Europe did not have any democratically elected leaders, most nations were governed by powerful monarchs such as Queen Elizabeth I. How might a modern audience’s reaction to the events in Act One differ from the reaction of an Elizabethan audience? Discuss specific examples in your response. (1/2 page)

2D: Analysis questions 5-9 on page 1219.

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