NWSA English II

Ms. Strahan's English II Class


March 2015

****Note to Students****

1. I have TONSSSSSSS of The Book Thief Dioramas without names on them. Please claim your project so you may get credit for it!

2. Here is a friendly reminder telling you all that tomorrow is the last day I will accept late work for the quarter.

3. A Day classes, remember your Notebook Test is tomorrow, Friday, March 27th. B Day classes, your Notebook Test will be on Monday, March 30th.


Q3 Notebook Check Warm-Ups (The numbering might be a little different from A to B days)

Bell Ringer 4C: Guilt is a powerful emotion that may cause a person to become unhappy and despondent, but it can be channeled more positively into helping others. To what extent is this true in the novel The Book Thief? (One page response)

Bell Ringer 5C: Evaluate the pros and cons of Hans giving bread to an elderly Jew condemned to a concentration camp. Were the consequences worth the benefits. (Make a pros and cons list. Write a 1/2 page response.)

Bell Ringer 11C: Think of at least three events that have occurred in your lifetime that changed the way people think or act. Examples might include an election, a natural disaster, , or a war. Discuss the impact each event had on you personally and on society as a whole.

Bell Ringer 13C: Brainstorm examples of individuals whose ambition led to tragedy. These can be characters from literature, real people from business, politics, or history. Analyze what happened in each case and draw conclusions about what led to each person’s downfall.

Bell Ringer 15C: Read pages 1186-1189. Write a one page analysis and summary on Shakespeare’s World.

Julius Caesar Pre-Reading Packet

Caesar Pre-Reading

Shakespeare Sonnet Worksheets 3/20 and 3/23 Classes

Shakespeare Sonnet Packet


Hello Students,

Please make sure your parents sign the permission slip for The Book Thief movie. Attach is a copy of the permission slip. Thanks so much! Have a great weekend!!!

Kind regards,

Sarah Strahan

English II

Northwest School of the Arts

The Book Thief Movie Permission Slip

“Montgomery Boycott” Story and Worksheets March 5th and March 6th classes

Montgomery Boycott Worksheets

“Montgomery Boycott” by Coretta Scott King (PDF version)

YouTube video of interview:

YouTube video of “How to Start a Movement” Leadership Lessons

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