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February 2015

The Book Thief Unit Test Review Sheet

The Book Thief Unit Test Review Sheet

Possible essay topics: (Honors English II Classes will select two. English I classes will select one essay.)
1. Liesel’s life changing over the course of the novel.

2. Han’s decision to help the starving Jew and the effects of his actions.

3. The purpose of the Nazi’s parading the Jews through the streets and how it affected multiple characters. Did the Nazi’s achieve the message they set out to achieve by parading the Jews?

Open Ended Questions (3-5 Sentences for response)

How Frau Holtzapfel and Liesel’s relationship affects the way Liesel perceives the war.
What lessons Liesel learns from Frau Holtzapfel’s emotions.

Rudy’s reaction to the pilot dying. The change in the relationship between Liesel and Rudy during this time.

Liesel’s interaction with the bodies of her loved ones and what this tells you about her character growth.

The importance of Mein Kampf to the Nazi party and the significance of this book in The Book Thief.

*Students may use one side of a 3 x 5 index card to write down their planning for their essay(s).(This must be hand written.) This should only be used for the essays. Any other use will result in a loss of the card and/or a zero for cheating.


Tutoring for February 26th has been cancelled

Due to the forecast of inclement weather for Thursday, I am canceling after-school tutoring on Thursday. In order to make up the missed tutoring hours for Tuesday’s CMS cancellation and my own cancellation for Thursday, I will be tutoring Monday-Thursday next week until 5:30. Thanks for your time.

Kind regards,

Sarah Strahan

The Book Thief Part 9 Questions *A Day classes due February 23rd *B Day classes due February 24th

Part Nine: The Last Human Stranger
“The Next Temptation”

1. What does Liesel find when she & Rudy go to the mayors house? What does Liesel realize about the library?
2. Who enjoys the gift of cookies?

“The Cardplayer”

1. Briefly explain Reinhold Zucker.
2. Explain the last line of the chapter. Literary element?

“The Snows on Stalingrad”

1. Who answers Frau‘s door in Jan. 1943?
2. What news does Michael bring Rosa?
3. How does the description of the battlefield & Death’s presence there affect your impression of Death?

“The Ageless Brother”

1. What does Liesel take to 8 Grande Strasse? How does she know she has done the right thing?
2. When Liesel thinks of her brother, what fill her with sadness then a smile?
3. After Liesel accepts her brother’s death, he no longer invades her dreams but appears to Liesel in another way. Why is this significant?
4. As Rosa clutches the accordion she _____________________. Liesel’s reaction?

“The Accident”

1. What order does Zucker give to Hans? How does Hans respond?
2. Discuss the results of the accident. What does Hans claim after he is safe? What past incident is this parallel to?
3. Based on Schipper’s explanation of Han’s injuries, what can be inferred about Hans’ character?

“The Bitter Taste of Questions”

1. Discuss the letter that Rosa & Liesel receive. What is Rudy’s response when Liesel tells him about the letter?

“One Toolbox, One Bleeder, One Bear”

1. Explain Rudy’s behavior since his father left & Hans has returned.
2. Infer the significance of Rudy walking down the street with his toolbox. Unusual tool? Purpose?
3. What commentary does Rudy offer about Liesel’s thieving? What does Rudy end up stealing?
4. Why does Michael Holtzapfel come to the Hubermanns? How do Rosa & Liesel respond? Are they successful?
5. Identify Michael Holtzapfel internal conflict in the shelter.
6. Describe how Liesel’s role changes from thief to provider in the shelter.
7. What causes Rudy & Liesel to run to the Amper River? What do they find there? Explain the importance of the event for Death & Liesel. What is Rudy doing? Based on Rudy’s recent feelings of anger, do you consider this strange?
8. Analyze the final paragraph in this chapter.

1. How many years have passed from Liesel’s arrival at the Hubermanns home & Han’s return?
2. What is Death’s implication in the last 2 lines of the chapter? How do Death’s words affect the tone?

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