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November 2014

First Day Back from Thanksgiving Break

Hello all! Please remember to have your outline and rough draft ready tomorrow/Tuesday (your first class back). We will be editing, and I will be making my rounds this week to review each of your essays individually. We will be going over citations as well, so if you are having problems with sources we will work them out. Enjoy your Sunday!

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Ms. Strahan


The Evian Conference and The Voyage of St. Louis articles

The Evian Conference

The Voyage of the St. Louis

Thesis Statements

Thesis = Topic + Theme + Impact. In other words, you are not just introducing your topic, you are creating an argument that expresses your topic’s significance and demonstrates how the theme plays a central part.

Research Paper Outline

Research Paper Outline

Composition Guidelines for a Traditional Academic Essay

Composition Guidelines

Thesis Statement Notes

A Thesis Statement-2

The Evian Conference and the Voyage of the St. Louis

The Evian Conference and the Voyage of the St. Louis
I expect your answers to be more than one sentence.
Write answers on separate paper and turn in at the END OF CLASS.
1. Use a political cartoon (Green Light Go, New York Times) about the Evian Conference. Create an editorial cartoon to reflect your reaction to the fate of the Saint Louis and its passengers or the results of The Evian Conference.
2. Define the term “bystander.”
3. Explain the purpose of the Evian Conference. Discuss events and results.
4. Discuss decisions made at Evian and Wannsee (You need to research Wannsee.).Why did the Nazis engage in mass murder? What events made such a project possible? How did the idea of using gas originate?
5. Describe the Voyage of the St. Louis. Voyage of the Damned is also a strong reference source that has survivor testimony woven into the historical events. Why didn’t the United States allow the boat to enter? What role did the United States Coast Guard play? (You will need to research in your groups.)
6. Evaluate the response or lack of response on the part of individuals and the world community to the plight of the Jews.
7. Explain the viewpoints of various bystanders and victims.

HOMEWORK: Research how individual and international efforts safeguard human rights. How does the world respond to human rights violations? How should the world respond to human rights violations?

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