NWSA English II

Ms. Strahan's English II Class


September 2014

Homework for October 1st and October 2nd- “There Will Come Soft Rains” by Ray Bradbury


2014-2015 Bell Ringer 9A

Complete comprehension questions (1-10) for “The Seventh Man.” Please refer to other post for story and questions.

2014-2015 Bell Ringer 11A

Comprehension questions 1-5 on page 389 in the textbook. The questions for the story, “Dyaspora.”

2014-2015 Bell Ringer 10A

Write a 1/2 page response to the “Discuss” question on page 382 inĀ  your textbook. (This question asks about the challenges you would face if you moved abroad and what you would miss the most.)

204-2015 Bell Ringer 8A

Please make a list of tragic events that have occurred in your lifetime. (Hurricane Sandy, Sandy Hook, etc.) I would like you to write a 3/4 page response on how one of these events affected the country or you personally.

2014-2015 Bell Ringer 7A

Think of a book, movie, or TV show that told a story in an unusual way. Discuss the techniques or devices the writers used to capture your interest and make the story memorable. (One page)

2014-2015 Bell Ringer 6A

Describe THREE types of non-fiction. Please tell me which type is your favorite and why.

2014-2015 Bell Ringer 5A

How do you think The Road’s ending portrays humanity? Does McCarthy take a contrasting approach to what we read throughout the novel?

2014-2015 Bell Ringer 3A

Honors: Compare and contrast one symbol from Lord of the Flies and The Road.

English II: Compare and contrast symbols from The Road.

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