NWSA English II

Ms. Strahan's English II Class


February 2014

Bell Ringer 6C (A4, B4)

Analyze the characterization of Hester. How can the description of Hester be compared to the rose?

(Write a 1/2 page response.)


Bell Ringer 6C (A1, A2, B1)

Analyze the characterization of Pearl. How is the scarlet letter (the actual letter) embodied by Pearl?

(Write a 1/2 page response.)

The Scarlet Letter Chapters 3-7 Vocabulary

Chapter 3-7 Vocab

Bell Ringer 5C

What is the difference between how adultery is viewed now and how it was viewed by Puritan society? In other words, where does the blame lie? (1/2 page response)

Bell Ringer 4C-The Scarlet Letter

Write a one page reflection on intolerance in society and how/where you have seen it or felt it.

Bell Ringer 3C

Create a short story (1/2 page) including a theme from The Scarlet Letter.

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